Interested in Mexico? Let us guide you through one of the most beautiful countries in the world (biased about our hometown? Nah…).

Us Mexicans have a love-hate relationship with our country, ever so proud of its culture, and at the same time restless and very communicative about its imperfections. The fact is, it catches the eye for all the wrong reasons: drug cartels, corruption, crimes, riots, traffic… you name it, yes, we have it (as many other countries do). However, we also have the largest number of World Heritage Sites in the continent, and Mexico City holds the first place as the city with most museums in the world, with over 150 of them, for example. Things we don’t put forward very often and they’re worth mentioning.

Hidden Corners came to life four years ago when Nils and I decided we would save all our money to make an annual trip so that we could admire the richness of other cultures. And we did. But while traveling through these other countries, we realized that what we had been searching elsewhere we have had it all along in front of our noses. The rich diversity of cultures, the amazing people with incredible stories to tell, the colorful traditions, the mysticism of ancient civilizations, the vast ecosystems, the delicious cuisine, all belonged to Mexico. Our home.

Now, our aim is to let you guys know what Mexico has to offer as a destination. Where to go, how to get there, costs… everything you will need whilst traveling. And especially some less known Hidden Corners you don’t want to miss out. Travel with us as we put our grain of salt to help our country shine for itself and boost its economy.

Hope we can enchant you with the culture we, as Mexicans, have learned to love, appreciate, respect and be proud of.

Maggie and Nils

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